Blanton's Collectors' Edition Candle (With horse topper)

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After years of work, we have finally perfected our Horse Stopper Collectors Edition Candle. Presented by Candleberry, it produces the same wonderful fragrance of the Blanton’s Rickhouse, while being a standout decorative piece for any room in the home. The Horse Stoppers are custom designed and have been modified to replicate a larger version of our traditional bottle stoppers. This candle is a true collectors item with a surprise treat waiting for you at the bottom of each glass.

Horse stoppers are four inches from head to tail and top to bottom. 

Collect all eight and spell out Blanton’s

The Candle is 4.5 inches wide, 4.5 inches tall without stopper, 8 inches tall with horse stopper attached.

Weight: 3 pounds

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