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CAO Arcana Mortal Coil Cigars are a limited production release, similar in many ways to the Brazilian Braganca tobacco that CAO used in Amazon Basin, blender Ricky Rodriguez has taken his experience blending these unique tobaccos and created a new cigar, CAO Mortal Coil.  This bold and bodacious blend features Andullo-aged tobacco, a unique, old-world aging process that’s inherited from the Dominican Republic. This meticulous, handcrafted procedure of tobacco aging has survived the test of time due to the superb qualities it imparts, not only by amplifying the strength of the leaf, but also by enhancing the aroma to tobacco. The cigars are wrapped in a USA Broadleaf, this cigar has a strong Andullo aroma with a sweet spice and floral tastes complimented by nuttiness and cream. This will be the first edition in a new series of CAO cigars blended by Ricky using unique processes for tobaccos from all over North and South America.

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