GEC LTD Edition Churchill bx25

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In a white room, in a comfortable lounge chair, your senses guiding you, feeling free and light-hearted.

Our new, reduced cigar concept is made for the pure aficionado in you. No distractions, no blend details, not even a name. NN is short for „non nominandum“ – „not named“.

NN01 is a premium hand-rolled longfiller cigar, manufactured to our standards in the Dominican Republic.

Body: mild to medium
Limited to 5,000 cigars, available only in the U.S.

At German Engineered Cigars, we create cigars in the same way we Germans engineer the best technology in the world. The result is ultimate precision in aroma, taste, and smoking performance: cigars that are exciting, precise, and satisfying down to the detail.

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