Pipe Rossi Sitting 8412

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Rossi's "8412" is a fairly classic rendition of the traditional Dublin shape, the form arrow straight through the shank and stem, with the upright bowl flaring conservatively above. It aligns with the "412 KS" design on Savinelli's shape chart and is quite a robust rendition, offering a deep chamber. For fans of the Dublin who appreciate hearty substance, the "8412" is the perfect choice.

Rossi's Sitting series revolves around practicality, offering shapes that are designed to sit stably on flat surfaces — with flattened panels along either the bowl's heel or shank's underside. The series is also characterized by a dark-stained rustication, similar to the Italian marque's Lucca and Vittoria lines, which provides a stimulating tactile experience in hand and should disguise any handling marks that might accumulate over time. Whether you're looking for a new desk pipe or a versatile briar that can handle your lifestyle, Rossi's Sitting pipes are some of the most pragmatic and efficient smoking instruments on the market.

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