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The Visol Poseidon is a Single Ignition Soft Flame Pipe Lighter that comes with a durable solid metal body with a slim frame that allows it to be carried in your pocket. The Solid Matte Black Finish brings a sense of strength and authority. Discretely hidden at the side of the body are pipe tools; A tamper (used to help pack down tobacco or ash to aid in relighting), a reamer (used to scrape ash/unburned tobacco off the pipe), and a pick/spike (used to clean the bowl or pipe shank). Due to the utility and design of this lighter, it's perfect for smokers or all types. Please note that this product ships with no butane due to shipping regulations.

  • Matte Black Body with Chome Accents
  • Soft Flame Pipe Lighter; Single Action Ignition (Press the Button); Contains Pipe Accessories
  • Approx. Dimensions - Length: 2.94 inches, Width: 1.5 inches, Thickness: 0.6875 inches; Approx. Weight: 0.156 pounds
  • Butane Refillable Lighter with Adjustable Flame Height; Lighter Does NOT Come Filled with Butane; Built-in Pipe Accessories
  • One Year Manufacture Warranty; Each Lighter is wrapped in a Black Velvet Bag; Comes Packaged in a Cardboard Box that is Easy to Gift Wrap
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